Since 2.0 HybridAuth work mostly on exceptions, just throw your code inside an try{} catch(Exception $e){} block and that is it.

HybridAuth errors codes

Error Code Description
0Unspecified error
1Hybriauth configuration error
2Provider not properly configured
3Unknown or disabled provider
4Missing provider application credentials (your application id, key or secret)
5Authentification failed
6User profile request failed
7User not connected to the provider
8Provider does not support this feature
Example: Try to grab the profile of a disconnected user
  # authenticate with twitter
  $twitter = $hybridauth->authenticate( "Twitter" );

  # to log out from twitter first

     # then try to grab the user profile
     $user_profile = $twitter->getUserProfile();
  catch( Exception $e ){
     echo "Ooophs, we got an error: " . $e->getMessage();
     echo " Error code: " . $e->getCode();

This shoul dispaly a error like this one:

Ooophs, we got an error: User profile request failed! User not connected to Twitter. Error code: 6