Important Currently only Facebook, Twitter, Identica, LinkedIn, QQ, Sina, Murmur, Pixnet and Plurk do support this feature. Others providers will throw an exception (#8 "Provider does not support this feature"), when getUserActivity() is called. Please refer to the user guide to know more about each adapters capabilities.

Same with the user's profile, after authenfication, HybridAuth can provide the connected user Activity Stream in a rich, simple and standardized structure across all the social APIs.


  // init hybridauth
  $hybridauth = new Hybrid_Auth( $config );

  // try to authenticate with twitter
  $adapter = $hybridauth->authenticate( "Twitter" );

  // grab the user timeline
  $user_timeline = $adapter->getUserActivity( "timeline" );

  // iterate over the user timeline
  foreach( $user_timeline as $item ){
     echo $item->user->displayName . ": " . $item->text . "<hr />";

  // grab ONLY the user latest activity
  $user_timeline = $adapter->getUserActivity( "me" );

  // iterate over the user latest activity
  foreach( $user_timeline as $item ){
     echo $item->user->displayName . ": " . $item->text . "<hr />";

Hybrid_User_Activity object

Object Data Members :

Field Name Type Short description
id  String Event id on the provider side
date  String Event date of creation. provided as is for now.
text  String activity/event/story content as string.
user  stdClass
Field Name Type Short description
identifier  string The Unique user ID on the provider side. Usually an interger.
displayName  String User dispalyName provided by the provider
profileURL  String URL link to profile page on the IDp web site
photoURL  String URL link to user photo or avatar